Examples of COSHH

Within your brewery there are various areas and work activities that associate with hazardous substances.

  • Office work (Photocopier toner etc.)

  • Cleaning (cleaning chemicals)

  • Maintenance (paints, solvents, lubricating oils etc)

  • Brewing (ingredients, cleaning solvents, additives)


All our HACCP Plans include:

  • Food Safety Risk Assessment

  • Health & Safety Policy

  • COSHH Risk Assessment 

  • USA based Customer Service

  • Maintenance and updates


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What is COSHH? 

COSHH stands for:

“Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations”


A COSSH data sheet describes the hazards and risks from (Chemical) substances and exhausts in your workplace.


There are four main ways for chemicals to enter the body in your brewery:


    * Inhalation from breathing fumes.

    * Ingestion for example through spills in drink or food, mists settling on drink or food or                    eating food with contaminated hands/fingers.

    * Absorption through the skin or eyes, either from direct contact or contact with                                  contaminated surfaces, equipment or clothing.

    * Injection into the body by a contaminated sharp object or high pressure equipment.


It is important to educate staff on the dangers of chemical contamination and chemical poisoning, both for their own health, that of their co-workers and the general public. 


American HACCP provides a COSHH risk assessment for your brewing facility as part of the HACCP plan, we can also provide a tailored training session for your staff educating them on the risks related to chemicals and substances.