Meet our team.

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Toby Dunne

Company Director and Co-Founder of American HACCP.

Born in the Netherlands Toby has been successfully implementing HACCP Systems since early 1997 in the Food service industry.

As a trained chef in the Netherlands HACCP was already a mandatory requirement in the industry since 1993.

In 2005 he moved to the UK where he started a catering business, various street food units, mobile bars and crew catering units were the result.

Having a personal liquor license in both the UK & NL put him at a huge advantage in the industry.
Keeping up with EU HACCP regulations Toby further studied HACCP, after obtaining qualification he implemented this in his business to assure the best possible service.

Working for the BBC, CeeBeebies, Hugo Boss (television advertisement crew catering) and more, his company won BBC most sustainable catering company two years in a row. (2013 - 2014)

After moving to the USA in 2016 he decided to put his HACCP experience to the test by developing a Brewery specific HACCP plan for Stormcloud Brewing Company, realizing that his love for beer and the lack of HACCP knowledge in the industry could be combined resulted in the birth of American HACCP.


Joelle  Louisignau-Dunne

Co-owner and Sustainability Manager here at American HACCP.

Joelle was born right here in Traverse City Michigan and grew up in the Frankfort area.

After graduating she moved to Seattle working various job in the service industry.

In 2007 she moved to Great Britain to gain European knowledge and experience.

She found employment with Mitchels & Butlers the biggest pub management company in the whole of great Britain.

Joelle was part of the core team implementing the new Waste Management Systems into all of their pubs.

Development, training and continued supervision to ensure proper implementation of the WMS.
After meeting Toby she joint Active24Seven Ltd. 

Joelle played a huge part in the implementation of day to day sustainability and HACCP systems.

Here at American HACCP she continues to be a rock in the business on various levels.


Jasper de Heij

Company share holder, HACCP & IT consultant.

Born in the Netherlands Jasper worked alongside Toby in the service industry successfully implementing HACCP systems in various restaurant kitchens. 

Jasper went on to pursue a career in IT and qualified in 2007.

Here at American HACCP Jasper is the heart of our IT department, looking after our systems and keeping your data safe.